Scratchcards and online scratch card games are definitely the games of luck and players can’t predict which chard to choose for winning, but we have some hints to help you improve your winning chances when playing online scratch cards.

Share your bets
The most scratchcards you play, the most winning chances you have. Online scratchcards can be bought in different prices from the very cheap ones to the really expensive prices. When you play online scratchcards you should always consider your budget and select cards fitting to it and try to play with the most possible number of cards. Let’s say you have $10 for playing scratchcards in a day. You have the choice to buy 2 of the expensive $5 cards but it’s not a good idea. Selecting from the $1 cards makes you to able to play with 10 cards instead of 2 and you will have five times more opportunites to win. And that’s without increasing the amount you spend on gaming.

Use scratch cards bonuses
The best way of rising your winning chances if you play with more money and the very best way if you play with others money instead of your own. Well, befire you go to the office oy your boss to pick his wallet during he has his lunhc, let’s be clear: you can do it legally. If you look around on the online scratch cards business you will found that a couple of scratch card websites offer free money to their new players and you can give impressing bonuses after your deposits which makes your money double up, and together with it makes your winning chances double. One advice from our scratchcards experts: when you make your decision about where to play online don’t look just the bonus amounts what the different sites offer. When a bonus is too good to be true it’s usually not true. Always read bonus terms and conditions before you deposit your money to any scratchards provider.