As it seems, online casino will take over one day and land based casinos will be history. It might sounds like a big statement but if you think about it, it does make sense. Take a look on UK casinos and think of all the money that spend only on building these mega casinos. Now think of UK online casinos. All one needs is a website, a license and some money and can start his casino. Nowadays we are all sitting in front of our computers and doing all of our duties – Paying bills, meeting friends, buying stuff etc. and of course many are playing games online.The ability to stay at your comfort zone and be able to reach all entertaining you need is a big bonus. Another thing that should be considered is the bonuses that some of the best online casinos are offering. It can be up to 400% of the money you invested, which is quiet amazing. But there is another aspect that stands for the land based casinos and it is the idea of going out!