Most of the Online Casino software that can be downloaded and installed works on most PCs, but what about computers that don’t have any Windows OS, e.g. Apple Mac, LINUX etc.? The Mac for example has been around for more than two decades and from the beginning it wasn’t considered to be viable for software companies to develop any kind of games at all. The same goes for the Open Source OS LINUX. The good news are, thanks to Flash technology all computers, regardless what OS they use have a web browser and one or another sort of Flash or Java plug-in.

Now all players have the option to play flash casino games on their systems. Online enthusiasts, who want to access and play online casino games, are no longer left out There are quite a few online flash casino websites around that are purely web-based, no software to download whatsoever. And the best thing is, they attract players with generous no deposit casino bonuses, too!